Sculptra® and RADIESSE® are both FDA-approved cosmetic products used at Vibe Aesthetics. The two products are collagen biostimulators, meaning they stimulate the body's natural production of collagen, and both promote facial plumpness, sculpting, and rejuvenation without surgery. Both will address lines, wrinkles, volume loss, sagging skin, deep folds, and scars without causing pain or downtime. Injections result in gradual results, and stimulation continues for a period of two years after injection. At Vibe Aesthetics, we use Sculptra® on the face and booty and RADIESSE® on the neck, chest, and booty area. We are here to help you with whatever you need!

Sculptra® And RADIESSE® Are Commonly Used To Treat: 

Sculptra® and RADIESSE® are among the many anti-aging treatments that Vibe Aesthetics in Hood River, OR, has to offer to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Book your appointment today by clicking on the Book Now button.

benefits of Sculptra® And RADIESSE® include:


You may be an ideal candidate for these products if you have wrinkles or volume loss as an adult. During your consultation, we will discuss if these treatments are right for you.

Your body takes a while to produce new collagen after receiving Sculptra® or RADIESSE®. It is likely that you will see noticeable results six weeks after your second session. Two or three sessions are usually required, spaced one month apart. Two or three sessions are usually required, spaced one month apart.

On average, RADIESSE® results last about one year. Sculptra® can last up to 24 months.

Both Sculptra® and RADIESSE® require no recovery or downtime.

Following injection, patients can resume their normal daily activities.

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