Thermoclear is a state-of-the-art radiofrequency technology used at Vibe Aesthetics to treat minor skin imperfections and improve superficial skin. Only the top layer of the skin (epidermis) is affected by low and high radio frequency waves, leaving the deeper layers of skin (dermis) unaffected. It is possible to address surface-level skin concerns without the discomfort or downtime associated with deeper treatments. As a quick and easy treatment that takes just minutes, ThermoClear is the perfect way to achieve your perfect face with minimal downtime.

In most cases, results can be seen after only one treatment. In the event that surface-level imperfections return, you may need follow-up treatments. ThermoClearis used to remove spider veins on the face, skin tags, cherry angiomas, and other skin irregularities.

Benefits of ThermoClear

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ThermoClear treatments use a small probe that gently touches the skin. The targeted imperfection will be vaporized as a result. Approximately three to two weeks after treatment, small crusts form on the treated spots. ThermoClear only contacts the skin’s upper layer, leaving the lower layer, the dermis, untouched.

ThermoClear is a safe, non-invasive technology that can be used on mature, sensitive, and all skin types and ethnicities. 

In most cases, only one treatment is necessary, and the results are immediate. One treatment often results in permanent results.

The treated areas may experience slight irritation, redness, or crusting, depending on the treatment. Makeup can be used to cover temporary imperfections while the skin heals. After the treatment, you should stay out of direct sunlight.

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