How Can Men and Women Benefit From KYBELLA Injections?

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Do you feel self-conscious about your submental fat? If so, you are not by yourself. Submental fullness, sometimes known as a “double chin,” affects millions of people, both men and women, and can make you appear heavier or older than you are.

Do not worry. A recommended injectable treatment called Kybella® can help you enhance the look of your chin without surgery. This FDA-approved procedure eliminates fat cells in the treatment region beneath your chin, improving your profile while being safe and effective.

What causes double chin anyway?

Double chins don’t develop overnight. They progress in specific ways throughout time:

Aging: As skin ages, the connective tissue undergoes changes that make it less elastic and robust. The skin on the face and neck stretches and shifts as a result.

Genetics: Like many other inherited genetic traits, a double chin has a hereditary predisposition.

Posture: Your posture is essential, and the more slouching you do, the less your neck muscles support your head, which might draw attention to the double chin region.

Rapid weight loss: Rapid weight loss may be brought on by a change in lifestyle, such as cutting calories or engaging in exercise, or by a medical condition. Rapid weight reduction may cause the development of a double chin either way.

Excessive weight increase: As previously discussed, weight growth causes fat cells to swell, which affects all parts of your body where fat is stored, including the area beneath your chin.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella destroys fat cells when a specialist injects it under your chin, which lessens the look of a double chin. Kybella has only received FDA approval for this usage.

Take up to six Kybella injections spaced at least a month apart for best outcomes. Most patients, however, receive two treatments. The interval between treatments should be between 4 and 6 weeks.

The name for this kind of surgery is injectable lipolysis. It indicates that it is a method that uses an injection to break down fat.

Since Kybella is a nonsurgical solution for removing extra chin fat, many people opt for it. Compared to surgical treatments, it is less risky and requires less time for healing.

You are suitable for Kybella treatment if:

  • You are uncomfortable and troubled by submental fullness or chin fat.
  • You believe your appearance is older or heavier than it is.
  • Not prepared to think about having invasive surgery or surgical procedures
  • Submental fullness persists despite strenuous activity and diet.

What to expect with Kybella treatment?

Vibe Aesthetics will meet with you to evaluate your chin profile and discuss your objectives. We will develop a treatment strategy unique to you and your degree of submental fullness.

Several tiny injections beneath the chin will be administered throughout each treatment session. The quantity of submental fat you have and your desired outcomes will determine how many treatments you need.

The procedure is pleasant since the aesthetician will use a topical lidocaine numbing solution. Patients may experience soreness and swelling following their initial round of Kybella injections. However, these side effects typically disappear 1-2 days later. After the first session, these are usually the most obvious.

The effects of Kybella are long-lasting since it kills the fat cells under your chin. It implies that you are done with treatment as soon as your cosmetic objectives are met.

What are the benefits you can get from Kybella injections?

The results are permanent.

There is no assurance that you won’t recover volume in your double chin in the future, even if you shed part of the double chin fat through weight loss. When we lose weight using traditional weight reduction techniques, our fat cells don’t truly disappear. Instead, they only contract in size—and can enlarge once again if we regain lost weight.

Once an adult, everyone has roughly the same amount of fat cells. It takes work to manage how these cells are distributed throughout the body. KYBELLA injections break down some fat cells in the injection site. These cells cannot regenerate.

Quick and easy procedure.

The administration of this medication happens quickly. A patient typically has between twenty and fifty injections under their chin in a single therapy session, each taking fifteen to twenty minutes. However, different amounts of injections may be required depending on the quantity of fat beneath the chin and the desired profile result. Additional treatment sessions may be necessary for certain patients. Still, they will take little time and will be easy to complete.

It is a non-invasive treatment.

Double chins can be treated surgically with neck lifts and liposuction, but these procedures have more risks than this. General anesthesia is frequently needed for other techniques, which adds another set of dangers. Kybella is a non-invasive procedure, so there are fewer dangers and factors to consider while determining the best course of action for you. The same outcomes as invasive operations and treatments can be achieved despite the reduced risks!

Other treatments for double chins could call for incisions and leave scars, but this one does not. This procedure is also more straightforward and less risky because it doesn’t call for general anesthesia.

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Nobody likes to seem older than they are, and a thicker or double chin frequently does that. In addition to improving the appearance of the jawline, getting rid of a double chin also helps you look younger overall and boosts your self-confidence.

Almost no downtime is needed.

You can return and continue your regular activities immediately following treatment with minimal downtime. Although there could be a few minor and brief symptoms, they pass quickly and eventually disappear.

Are there any side effects of Kybella injections?

Although Kybella is nonsurgical, which means there are no significant adverse effects, it occasionally may cause specific common side effects, such as:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Numbness

Most of the time, Kybella’s recovery is minor and differs from person to person. These are typical side effects that usually go away within one to two weeks.

Say Goodbye To Your Double Chin

Since Kybella is non-invasive, it has a short recovery period and little downtime. Your body will naturally eliminate the fat cells from your system for several weeks and months after receiving a Kybella treatment. About a month to six weeks following your initial treatment, you’ll feel the full effects of your Kybella double chin therapy.

To get desired outcomes, most patients need more than one Kybella treatment. However, your results will become more and more apparent with each successive session. Your double chin treatment results won’t appear “touched upon,” but instead natural and progressive.

Contact Vibe Aesthetics if you’re self-conscious about your double chin to find out if Kybella is a good option. Say goodbye to your double chin with a quick 30-minute Kybella treatment!

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